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Rehearsals: After school on Fridays from 3:00 to 4:15

Worship* Every Wednesday at the 8:30 Mass

The 2nd Sunday of each month at the 10:45 Mass

The 4th Sunday of each month at the 8:30 Mass

Other times as announced

*We understand that not all children can attend all of these Masses.

We welcome all children in 3rd grade or above,

regardless of their church affiliation or enrollment at HAS.

The Junior Choir has been a vital part of Holy Assumption School and Parish for more than ten years.  The director is Mrs. Anne Lukach.  Children are encouraged to join at anytime. Please call Mrs. Lukach at 499-1774 if your child is interested in singing in the Choir.

Why should a child sing in the Children’s Choir?

Spiritual Discipline & Growth

Praise, prayer, service and time set aside for God are the foundations of spiritual growth. Regular attendance at choir helps develop these disciplines.

Everyday Faith

A weekly choir practice encourages our children to consider God at times other than Sunday morning and reminds them of God’s presence outside of the Mass.


At choir, the children support each other, the school and the parish in prayer. The discipline of prayer is nurtured and reinforced.

Personal Growth

Music offers an effective means for our children to learn and grow.  Music is a wonderful outlet for creativity and increases learning potential.  It helps children to develop a better sense of focus and concentration and improves the ability to remember.  


Choir provides the opportunity for our children to serve others through their songs and praise. Our children learn that they are a valued part of the parish community when they are encouraged to serve. 

Christian Education

The songs sung at Choir present truths about God. Our children learn to praise, worship God and fully participate in Mass through the songs that remain in their hearts and minds.

Christian Fellowship

Choir is a time for our children to be with others from the parish and community encouraging Christian friendships.

Parish Building

Our children learn to use their musical gifts to enrich the worship life of our parish. They will have a special means of expressing faith and worship throughout their lifetime!












The Junior Choir performing a Christmas Concert at the Burlington Center on December 20, 2002


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