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Holy Assumption is equipped with a full service kitchen, which provides students with a balanced diet of hot and cold foods. Burlington County Health Department inspects the facility and we adhere to their standards. The cafeteria/lunchroom area is large enough to accommodate the entire student body at one seating, although there are two lunch periods. Lunch tickets may be purchased through the cafeteria. Menus are given out monthly stating the selections while lunches provided are nutritionally adequate and affordable. Selections from the basic food groups are included, contributing to the energy level needed for learning. The principal and part-time lunchroom or playground aides provide supervision.


A nurse's office is part of the school facility and state funding pays for the nurse's services. The school nurse attends to ill children and administers first aid and medication when necessary. The nurse checks height, weight, hearing, vision, and performs Scoliosis screening. The school nurse may do throat cultures if a child shows signs of a strep throat. A weekly fluoride mouth rinse program is available to the students with parental permission. The nurse is present daily on a part-time basis. When the nurse is not available, the principal or school secretary provides the necessary services. The school nurse maintains health records for individual students in accordance with the State of New Jersey regulations. Health is not taught as a separate curriculum, as it is integrated in the science curriculum at various grade levels. Other programs that provide education on substance abuse, drugs, alcohol, and tobacco are Officer Phil, Adopt-A-Cop, DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education), and Boating Safety.


Classroom teachers offer guidance to their students. Students may also discuss any problems with the social worker, the principal, the pastor, or the parochial vicar. We also have access to a Child Study Team. Guidance services are offered, providing each child with a positive self-image within the experiences of a Christian community.

Homework Help Services

Many students require academic assistance with their homework assignments. In order to meet student's needs, we have created the homework help website Homework Help Desk. All visitors can find the information about CPM homework, college homework help and other useful stuff on this website.


Busses from Florence Township School District and Holy Assumption School provide student transportation. Florence Township provides free busing for qualified students attending Holy Assumption School that reside in Florence Township. Holy Assumption School provides transportation to some of the surrounding areas for an annual fee. In most cases, door to door delivery is provided by the Holy Assumption bus. A school crossing guard assists students across Hornberger Avenue. The Holy Assumption School bus is used for field trips when a licensed bus driver is available.


The local education agency, Florence Township, provides remedial instruction in math, reading and writing, speech therapy, social worker services, and diagnostic services. We are also provided with the services of a Child Study Team. The strength of our special services is the individual instruction provided to our students.


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