Holy Assumption School strives to instill in each student the idea "to be the best you can be". Our school pledge, which emphasizes respect, encourages students to put forth their best effort in a manner that is pleasing to God. With this in mind, Holy Assumption students are expected to follow the guidelines found in the "Dress Code" pamphlet. This pamphlet, along with their school pledge, enables a student to give their best effort while dressing in accordance with school policy.

In accordance with Diocesan policy, dress code regulations are established for the student to learn appropriate dress for given occasions. Students must conform to dress code regulation. Parents are asked to cooperate fully in seeing that their children are following the dress code regulations daily. Uniforms should always be clean and reflect neatness. Good grooming and personal hygiene complements the school's efforts in enhancing self-esteem.

GIRLS: Hair must always be neat and clean. Very light colors of nail polish are acceptable. For safety reasons, no dangling earrings may be worn. Only a small, button-type earring, no larger than a dime and one per ear, is allowed. No earrings in cartilage, please.

BOYS: Hair must be clean and trimmed neatly, not touching the collar. No tracks or tails or other fad hairstyles are allowed. No earrings are permitted at any time.

FOR ALL PRE-KINDERGARTEN STUDENTS: The school uniform for pre-kindergarten students consists of the school physical education uniform and sneakers.

FOR ALL STUDENTS: A watch and a religious medal on a necklace are the only jewelry permitted other than small earrings for ladies. All students are expected to come to school without hair tints, hair dyes, hair coloration, or make-up. We love you just the way God made you!



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